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PassMan Company Password Vault

Encrypted Password Storage to Prevent External Attacks


Password vault for protecting business secrets

PassMan not only stores access data enrypted, but it also provides permission-based control and reveals who and when logged into your crtitical systems.

Features Why do you need it?
Encrypted password vault Passwords written on post-its, stored in Excel files and forwarded via e-mails are not safe anymore. PassMan stores passwords encrypted in a central, digital password vault.
Permission control Providing unlimited access to all of your users makes you vulnerable. PassMan ensures role-based access.
Automatic password generation & change Leaving monthly password change to your workmates is not the best idea. PassMan generates and changes your business passwords according to the preset password policy automatically.
Compatibility Safe login both to Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOS, Cisco targets, and to Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Jira, Bitbucket, simpTASK, Zenployd and thousands of webtargets.
Discovery PassMan collects each account on all targets, so inactive users – included those, who have left your company – can be identified easily and their access can be withdrawn quickly.
MicroSoft AD integration User authentication through Active Directory reduces administration and provides GDPR-compliance by eliminating the use of personal data in the software.
Audit-features & reports You may face with serious security and financial risks if you can’t follow when your users logged into your critical systems. PassMan activity reports provide detailed insights into user actions.
E-mail alerts Be always up-to-date! PassMan sends you alerts so that you can intervene before a disaster occurs.

PassMan business vault protects your secrets!

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