Welcome to the online demo page of PassMan!

You can try the current functions of our software here.

  • We are deleting and reinstalling both the demo and the target system every 24 hours (2AM CET), so our system is not available for a short period of time.
  • In our demo system, PassMan administrates a Windows Server 2016, a CentOS, an Ubuntu and a Solaris server.
  • To change password/SSH key, navigate to the Account list and click on the  icon.
  • To use 1-click connect, you have to install two components on your Windows client.
  • You can find every information in PassMan’s documentation, for further help or error report, please contact us!

Credentials to our demo system

You can select the Authentication Provider (local or AD) under the “Login” button!

User name Password
PassMan administrator locadmin Passadm-1234
PassMan user 1 locuser1 Passuser-1234
PassMan user 2 locuser2 Passuser-1234
Administrator from AD adadmin Passadm-1234
User 1 from AD aduser1 Passuser-1234
User 2 from AD aduser2 Passuser-1234
In case the Vault is closed (after logging in) admin Sixteencharacters