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Password Management Software for Businesses

Step-by-Step Demo

If you still use Excel or Keepass to manage your business passwords, it is time to switch to a secure, permission-based password management software!

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1. Login

You can log in as an AD or a local user. The former provides GDPR-complience, as you don’t have to record personal data into the software again.


2. Open the vault

Encrypted passwords are stored in a vault, which can be opened if you have permission. If you can see the vault closed after login, just provide the proper key (user name: admin, password: Sixteencharacters).

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3. Checkout credentials

By default you need to check out your password to login to the target. Click accounts/actions and checkout credentials.

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4. Normal connection

Normal RDP connection: accounts / “connect to target with selected user” After clicking on the icon, you will need to paste your password, available in PassMan, to login to the target.


5. 1-click connection

You don’t necessarily need to checkout your password, as 1-click connection function makes it possible to login to the target by a single click. To have this function, you need to install 2 apps to the user’s PC. 1-click connection

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6. Password generator

Regular password change is needed for security reasons. PassMan generates and changes passwords according to the company security policy.

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7. Report

Reports provide insant answers to the most important questions, such as which passwords expire soon or which accounts are out-of-sync.

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8. Activity report

The activity report provides transparency by displaying information on user actions in a specific period of time, for example: what passwords have been checked out exclusively.


How to Login to the Password Management Software Demo

User name Password
PassMan administrator locadmin Passadm-1234
PassMan User 1 locuser1 Passuser-1234
PassMan User 2 locuser2 Passuser-1234
Administrator from AD adadmin Passadm-1234
User 1 from AD aduser1 Passuser-1234
User 2 from AD aduser2 Passuser-1234
If the vault is closed (after login) admin Sixteencharacters

Demo runs in Chrome and Firefox browsers only!