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Encrypted password storing

In the past passwords were store in a real vault. Now, we are thinking about these vaults in a digitalized way: we provide opportunity for storing passwords, public and private keys by users or applications in an encrypted way.

Automatic password generation

Passman is capable of generating strong passwords automatically so we don’t have to think about them. Passwords can also be changed automatically periodically.

Secure logging in

Passman integrated with Balabit SCB, can log users in by predefined protocols (for example: SSH, RDP) and at the end of the session it can log them out. This workflow keep our data secure.

Can be integrated with Balabit SCB

Passman can easily be integrated with Balabit Shell Control Box (SCB), so we can have a more detailed picture about the actions of our privileged users and make sure that they do is monitored.

Monitored user actions

With the help of Passman you will know who, when and where users logged in or requested a new password. This traceable approach is available for auditors who can see intuitive tables, dashboards and charts about all the meaningful data.

High availability

Products that deals with security needs to operate with zero downtime. The architecture of Passman is set up the way to be available most of the time.

Security backup

The solution is capable of making security backup of itself, so if any problem occurs you can get back to the previous version.

Email alerts, notifications

Passman sends you alerts and notifications in case of it relaizes anything unusual. This makes the whole system more secure since you can prevent problems.

Network discovery and importing

Passman is capable of discovering Windows and Linux servers on our network and listing the privileged users. This makes it easier to import them.

Permission control

Passman have a permission control system (with AD integration) built in it, so you can make sure that a user can only see what he has to.

No need for installation - Available in the web

Passman doesn’t need to be installed which make everything easier for the user!

User authentication from AD

User authentication can be from Active Directory, It depends on the business processes of your company.