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PassMan Business Password Manager

Privileged password management system
available in the cloud and on-premise

for IT Teamsfor the CEOcompany-wide

Worried about data breach? Start protecting your shared accounts & passwords!

PassMan stores your passwords encrypted, provides permission-based access and generates new passwords according to your security policy.

External risks

If business passwords are stored in Excel files or in private password holders, you are an easy target for hackers. Make sure that your passwords are properly protected and encrypted in PassMan.


If your IT system does not comply with audit requirements, you face financial risks. PassMan provides regulatory compliance by recording and controlling all user actions and access.

Internal risks

Have you ever wondered how you control permissions in case of staff turnover to foster data security? PassMan helps getting all the accounts shared and controlling all user access automatically.

Simplify your life with PassMan company password manager!

Keep your secrets – PassMan manages, changes and stores your passwords encrypted.

Control access – due to permission-based access, team members can only see the secrets needed to get their job done

Unburden you IT team – let your IT team focus on real developments instead of managing passwords

Meet compliance – secure login, password sharing, activity report and standard report help meeting regulatory standards

Make it simple – by deploying a transparent password management system, you can control the most valuable assets that keep the company running day to day

privilegizált hozzáférés menedzsment

Why businesses are using PassMan?

Business owners and CEOs want to have a professional password management system to prevent data breach by keeping the administration at the minimum level. Among business users, sysadmins and operators are exposed to the highest cybersecurity threats, as they have the access to valuable company secrets and to the whole IT infrastructure. But PassMan business password manager can be extended to all company-wide users (sales, marketing, HR, finance, etc).

IT Teams

Vállalati jelszókezelő privilegizált felhasználóknak
Do you want to focus on real challenges instead of resetting forgotten passwords? PassMan saves time for you by automatically managing, generating, changing and rotating passwords.


PassMan vállalati jelszókezelő CEO-nak
Do you want to more control over the access of passwords that protect your most valuable business secrets? PassMan provides security by permission control, and transparency by activity recording.

Company-Wide Users

PassMan vállalati jelszókezelő business csapatoknak
PassMan not only manages privileged – sysadmin and operator – passwords, but it can also be extended to protect the shared passwords of company-wide users, such as sales, marketing, finance or HR.

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