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In this casestudy we present how we implemented Passman into an organization.
The name of the organization is not revealed.

The problem

A governmental organization asked for some help when they realized that as the number of their servers grew, it became more difficoult for them to handle the passwords of their users. As we got the request, we were happy to help them.


  • Providing a high availability, 7×24 architecture
  • Storing passwords encrypted
  • Having a Graphical user interface in the web
  • Capable of Active directory (AD) configuration
  • Being able to generate passwords automatically according to a policy
  • Being integrated with the product Balabit Shell Control Box (SCB)
  • Being able to change passwords automatically after a session is closed
  • Being able to create backups

The solution

Passman can provide a solution for all the requirements listed above. It is not also great for storing passwords but generating passwords and reports such as creating backups. Our team can provide support services.