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PassMan – Secure Password manager for Businesses


PassMan Secure Password Manager – How It Works

Login to a remote target with your user account through PassMan secure password manager and have access to business data protected by login name/password, SSH key or PIN code!

While managing user accounts, PassMan provides role-based access to secrets and it can be used to set up password policies as well. Access data can be changed or checked out within a specified period of time.

High availability is ensured by a 3-member cluster group which provides continuous operation even if a double error occurs.

User authentication through MicroSoft Active Directory saves you time by eliminating user registration. The system sends alerts if any unexpected event occurs, and it supports audit-compliance by making it possible to follow user activities (SIEM logging), without storing any personal data.

PassMan vállalati jelszókezelő

Secure Password Manager for Your Business

Password checkout, connection to a remote server, password generation, password policy, reports, activity report.

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Choose Your Deployment!


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It is for you, if you:

  • outsourced IT operations (configuration, updates, backups)
  • want to achieve lower prices
  • don’t bother that your data are stored in an external server
  • want to reach your „open-to-the-net” targets anytime, anywhere
  • you don’t need any ’VIP’ support


privilegizált jelszószéf, jelszókezelő szoftver

It is for you, if you:

  • have trained IT experts and resources for operations
  • want full control over your in-house system
  • don’t bother about higher costs
  • want to have full access to all of your targets
  • may need ’VIP’ support