Features & Plans

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Hosting Cloud / On-premiseOn-premiseOn-premise
Secure login 
Role-based access 
Local user 
Private folder 
Password generator 
Password validity check 
RDP connection 
SSH connection
Web password auto-fill 
Auto login to webtargets 
Audit role 
Activity log
Built-in reports 
Import passwords 
Automatic database backup 
One-time password sharing
Mobile app 
SSH key management
Time-based access 
SIEM integration 
SSO user (MS Entra ID, AD, SAML2, Jira)
Account discovery (Microsoft AD)
Session recording (playback)
Auto password replacement on targets 
Cluster environment (HA)
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Secure and easy-to-use

PassMan not only stores access data enrypted, but it also provides permission-based control and reveals who and when logged into your crtitical systems.