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Feature Why do you need it?
AES 256 encryption
If you store your passwords in unencrypted shared documents, you become an easy target for external attacks
Access management Due to personalized permissions, everyone only has access to the passwords needed for their work
Automatic password generation Changing passwords regularly is necessary for security reasons. PassMan is an automatic solution
Compatibility Secure login to Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOS, Cisco target systems, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Jira, Bitbucket, simpTASK, Zenployd and thousands of other websites
Discovery PassMan monitors user accounts belonging to all target systems, so that inactive users – for example those who leave the company – can be easily identified and their authorizations can be terminated
E-mail notification PassMan sends notifications such as password expiration, so you’ll know when the program changes them automatically
2FA Two-factor authentication adds extra security to protect your data
Password-policy No one has to worry about coming up with new passwords anymore, because passwords are generated according to an individual password policy.
3-member cluster group It ensures continuous operation even in case of an event of double failure
Exclusive check-out Provides exclusive access to shared accounts within a specified time frame
Reports Immediate answers to the most important questions
Activity log By automatically recording user activities, all activities can be traced with ease
Import passwords Passwords can be quickly imported into the system
Library-structure Group users, business departments, target systems according to the best organizing principle for the company
AD integration If you do not register your users, you won’t store personal data, so PassMan supports GDPR compilance
Automatic password fill With the PassMan browser extension, you don’t even have to type the username/password pair in the form of webtargets, because it’s automatic.
Easy-to-use interface If you want your employees to use a password manager and to get rid of outdated, risky password management methods, you need to provide them the PassMan Password Manager.
Complete work session recording Advanced business password managers such as PassMan operate as Privileged Access Management (PAM) softwares. PAM requires the possibility to create, manage, monitor and record work sessions.
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Secure and easy-to-use

PassMan not only stores access data enrypted, but it also provides permission-based control and reveals who and when logged into your crtitical systems.