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PassMan version history

List of installation packages and updates

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PassMan Appliance





05/11/2022 3.11.1 3.11.1💡
3.11.2 Supported
04/12/2022 3.11.0 VMware Hyper-V Proxmox 3.11.0 3.11.0 3.6.5 💡 Supported
03/03/2022 3.10.3 3.10.3 3.10.2 3.6.4 💡 In the case of a contract
2/24/2022 3.10.2 3.10.2 3.10.2 3.6.4 💡 In the case of a contract
1/18/2020 3.10.0 VMware Hyper-V Proxmox 3.10.0 3.10.0 3.6.3 💡 In the case of a contract
12/07/2012 3.9.0 VMware Hyper-V Proxmox 3.9.0 3.9.0 3.6.2 💡 In the case of a contract
10/29/2020 3.8.1 VMware Hyper-V Proxmox 3.8.1 3.8.1 3.6.1 💡 In the case of a contract
10/04/2020 3.8.0 VMware Hyper-V Proxmox 3.8.0 3.8.0 3.6.0 💡 In the case of a contract

During updates the Safe may close, so you must open it to able to use it again!

Guide for updating PassMan

PassMan configuration

Padmin (admin interface) update

PassMan update

Update order: 1. Padmin 2. BaseOS* 3. PassMan

*In case of a BaseOS update, the update must be installed in the order of the dependency condition! Drag the mouse on the 💡 icon in the table to display help.

Installed versions can be viewed on the Padmin Dashboard.

PMA installation is recommended for cluster upgrades with ‘rolling upgrade method’ to reach the desired update level in one step.

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