PassMan vs PassMan ENTERPRISE

Compare the main features of our trusted Password Managers for Jira

Password Protection Tailored to Your Needs

Take password management to the next level in Jira and beyond!

PassMan is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized businesses in order to store and manage encrypted passwords across the whole organization. Large enterprises need more advanced security solutions than password managers in order to comply with strict regulations. PassMan ENTERPRISE complements the basic functions of the password manager with Privileged Access Manager (PAM) features such as work session recording, account discovery and more.

1-click login (SSH, RDP)
Role-based access
Local user
Private folder
Password generator
Auto login to webtargets
Auditor role
Activity log
Import passwords
Built-in reports & alerts
One-time password (OTP) sharing
Mobile app
SSH key management
Time-based access
SIEM integration
Authentication for any provider, not only Jira (MS Entra ID, AD, SAML2)
Account discovery (Microsoft AD)
Session recording (playback)
Auto password/SSH key replacement on targets
Password validity check
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