Fourth of July, Declare Your Independence!

Become Independent of Chaotic Password Management! PassMan sets you free from the bad password habits! Keep passwords secure – PassMan manages, rotates and stores your passwords in a dedicated vault with the highest encryption. Control access – Permission-based access allows team members to see only the secrets they need to complete their work Unburden you … Read more

Protect Business Data with PAM solution: PassMan 4.0 is here!

Protect Business Data with PAM Solution: PassMan 4.0 is here! Finally, PassMan has become a PAM solution! Continuous development and hard work have paid off: PassMan 4.0 can now record user sessions too! This was the last missing feature required for PassMan to achieve the Privileged Access Management (PAM) classification. The basic features of a … Read more

Guardian of business secrets: privileged user

Guardian of business secrets: privileged user Hacking privileged accounts is a dream of cybercriminals, as these accounts provide access to sensitive information critical to your business operations. Therefore, password protection deserves special attention. Not only private individuals make the mistake of neglecting their passwords that protect their most important data. In many companies, neither management … Read more