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Enterprise Password Management Software

Protect Privileged Passwords Both On-Premise and in the Cloud!

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PassMan vállalati jelszókezelő business csapatoknak

PassMan Enterprise Password Management

Do you have shared accounts to log into your business systems? Managing generic e-mail addresses, login names and passwords is convenient, but it is secure only, if you have controll above the process.

PassMan enterprise password management software protects your confidential company secrets.


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It is for you, if you:

  • outsourced IT operations (configuration, updates, backups)
  • want to achieve lower prices
  • don’t bother that your data are stored in an external server
  • want to reach your „open-to-the-net” targets anytime, anywhere
  • you don’t need any ’VIP’ support


It is for you, if you:

  • have trained IT experts and resources for operations
  • want full control over your in-house system
  • don’t bother about higher costs
  • want to have full access to all of your targets
  • may need ’VIP’ support

PassMan Enterprise Password Management Software

Answer the Most Common Password Security Challenges

PassMan not only stores business passwords encrypted, but it also provides insight into who and when logged into your critical systems.


What’s the challenge?

Unlimited user access does not protect business secrets.

What’s the solution?

PassMan enterprise password management software provides role-based (admin, user, auditor, customizable) access to critical business secrets, so everybody see data only which is necessary to get their job done.

What’s the challenge?

Insecure password storage and share (e-mail forwarding) make your organization vulnerable.

What’s the solution?

PassMan enterprise password management software stores access data encrypted according to the highest AES 256 standards in a central, digital password vault.

What’s the challenge?

Employee departure often doesn’t go hand in hand with access withdrawal, which may lead to serious data abuse.

What’s the solution?

With PassMan you can change access by a single click, so secrets remain confidential.

What’s the challenge?

If your IT system does not comply with audit requirements, you face financial risks.

What’s the solution?

PassMan provides regulatory compliance by recording and controlling all user actions and access.

What’s the challenge?

Privileged accounts are the largest security vulnerability and organization needs to manage nowadays. When employed properly, these VIP accounts are used to maintain systems and handle confidential information. In the wrong hands, however, privileged accounts represents the highest risk to business secrets.

What’s the solution?

PassMan is a privileged enterprise password management software, which protects access data, provides permission-based control and system monitoring both on-premise and in the cloud.

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