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PassMan – Insight Connector for Data Center

A PassMan is the first business password manager ever that can be integrated with the Atlassian Jira service. If your business is already a PassMan customer – but you want to store your passwords securely in Jira (as well) – you can connect Jira, Insight and PassMan to provide adequate protection for your credentials instead of using simple text passwords stored in Insight fields!

This plugin provides the favourite feature of customers in Jira as well, becouse users can login to webtargets without seeing or knowing the passwords. This process can eliminate internal abuses and threats!

PassMan Connector for Jira Cloud

The setup process of the plugin takes only few minutes, and after configuration you can login to targets super sefely from Jira (Cloud), without typing any passwords. Instead of passwords you can use secure login-links to that work only for you!

Reach your webtargets safely from Jira without knowing the passwords!

PassMan Secure Login

Login from PassMan…
The plugin is available for Google Chrome, Firefox browsers and Android OS! The Secure Login add-on helps you login to webtargets and apps from PassMan without typing the proper passwords, with only one click! Please make sure your target system has already registered in your PassMan you want to login with the help of one click process!
Login from Browser…
When you are trying to login to your webtarget, you have another secure and easy option to do that! Visit your webtarget’s login site by typing the URL in your browser and login with only one click with the help of your current browser PassMan Secure Login plugin. To do this, you have to save the password of the webtarget in PassMan before! So you can login to a webtarget through PassMan or from the direct site, as it is shown in the GIF. Download the PassMan Secure Login add-on from your browser extensions or from the Google Play Store for Android login!
Windows and Linux
You can login to Windows and Linux targets also with only one click! The two plugins (winPMSL and linPMSL) allow you to connect securely to Windows targets via Remote Desktop connection from PassMan or to Unix systems through SSH console.